The Big Deal Pizza

The Big Deal is now serving pizza!!

Pizza lovers know all pizzas aren’t created equal – it’s the attention to key details that separate great pizza from all the rest. That attention to detail and adherence to traditional pizza-making techniques are what makes The Big Deal Pizza truly exceptional.

The Big Deal Menu
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Great ingredients are the foundation at The Big Deal. Everything, including the sauce and the dough, is made from scratch, using only fresh ingredients.

While many pizza restaurants pre-make and pre-stretch their dough in advance, or even buy it frozen, The Big Deal Pizza restaurant makes its dough fresh all week long, and stretches it to order before topping it with fresh homemade sauce.

The pizza is spread into a thin crust, and cooked on a stone. The stone insures the thin crust is cooked to perfection.

In addition to pizza the Big Deal offers high-quality grinders, again made with only the freshest meat and vegetables.

The restaurant offers take out or eat-in in the restaurant’s 24-seat dining room.

Pickle Pizza

One of The Big Deal’s increasingly famous specialties, pizza with pickles!